HOW WE CAN HELP ELIMINATE GRAFFITI IN CORONADO Graffiti is costly and destructive, and sends a message that the community is not concerned about the appearance of its neighborhoods. Graffiti is against the law. Graffiti Busters hotline 602-495-7014

In our urban setting sometimes the lines can be blurred between "Urban Art" and "Graffiti tagging" that damages-devalues property, and causes blight.

posted on the Central City Discuss by a Coronado Resident: "What is sad about this article is that it blurs the lines between graffiti art and tagging. Graffiti art is just that: art. Tagging is the result of a pissing contest between gangs--a show of ownership of territory. Most graffiti artists that you find as friends on Just Blazed myspace are artists who are not the ones doing the tagging in our neighborhood, the culprits are gangbangers who do not have a concept of art, only power and prestige.

.......... the problem is many faceted and the roots are woven tightly around aspects of our society that are slow or difficult to change. But if we can gain a sense of understanding between graffiti artists and taggers, then we can understand the issues and how to solve the problem a little better."

To illustrate this point, here is a link to a e-note on a mural on McDowell Road just west of the 51.

We can take control of our neighborhood by quickly removing graffiti. Prompt removal reduces the chance of graffiti reappearing and helps maintain a safe, secure and attractive environment. To help in the effort, E-Hood has put together some information that we can use to effectively keep graffiti undercontrol in Coronado.

I attended the "get certified to spay" class offered by the City of Phoenix. Lots of fun. Then you are qualified to borrow the City's sprayers to cover problem areas........

The City of Phoenix has a Graffiti Busters Program full of useful information.

Graffiti Busters warehouse direct contact:
Supplies and questions about supplies Lydia Odom 602-495-0645

The Graffiti Cameras David Lambright Desk 602-534-8417 Cell 602-757-7747

Pete at "Traffic Signs"....downed Stop Signs, can help with replacing the signs that do not clean up or that need to be replaced..........262-6449

Please read this notice on how to clean the signs, many have a anti graffiti coating on them that makes it very simple to remove the markings........

With a friend we cleaned 56 signs in a matter of a few button on the left to join us and others during a organized time or just to have us drop supplies off to you.

Demonstration on how easy it is.......

Below is a slide show demonstration as to what you will need and how to do it. Contact us at the contact button on the left. E-hood Coronado is a listed neighborhood Association and we can get the supplies you need. And I will be happy to drop supplies off. This past week we passed out 5 bottles of remover to various neighbors who will be carrying them on their walks and keeping their areas clean........