October 28, 2009

Your property tax may be paid in full or in two installments:

The due date for the first half tax is October 1. The first half installment becomes delinquent after 5:00 p.m. on November 1.

Did you know you can make your payments online? Please check out the home page of the Maricopa County Treasurer's Office for all the information as to where you tax dollars go, important dates to remember, exemptions, how your property is assesed and a whole lot of other services from them they are located HERE

Important Information:
The Attorney General has received a Temporary Restraining Order against the company soliciting Arizona property owners for a fee to file property tax appeals. Details of the judicial action can be found at the Maricopa County Assesors home page HERE

How To Appeal Your Property Valuation at:

State Board of Equalization

January 1 is the property valuation date for the following tax year. The County Assessor must mail the Notice of Value card to you no later than March 1. The assessor's opinion of the market value of the property is indicated on the postcard as "Full Cash Value". The assessor's determination of the use of the property is reflected in the legal classification as indicated on the postcard.

This information will remain posted on E-Hood Coronado website and sent to Central City Discussion list during appropriate times of the year......