City Council and Mayoral Elections are right around the corner
July 7, 2011

Election Day: Tuesday August 30, 2011



We care about providing you with tools and information to actively participate in our government. No constitutional republic cannot function without participation. The theory of representative government rests on the principle that man is a rational being, i.e., that he is able to perceive the facts of reality, to evaluate them, to form rational judgments, to make his own choices, and to bear responsibility for the course of his life.

All registered voters including Independents can cast their vote in this important election.  The voter registration deadline for the August 30th election is August 1st.

Have you registered?  Have your friends registered?  Know anyone who will be 18 by August 30?  If you’ve moved, changed your name or party affiliation, you must update your registration!

You can check your voter registration status. Click HERE update your address, or register to vote online.  It's fast, simple, and easy!
Not registered to vote?  to register online.  Click HERE Please take a few minutes to make sure your registration is accurate.  Then, forward this email on to at least five of your pro-choice friends.

Registered to Vote Already?  If you want to be on the list that guarantees you a mail-in ballot for every election automatically, download the form, complete and sign it and mail it in.  It’s that simple!  Click HERE to sign up now. 

E-Hood Coronado