The new sewer rate calculations are coming on your July water bill. If you have been following my updates on the water and sewer rates and explanations this is the monthly rate that they will charge you throughout the next year. A savings of even a little can mean a lot over the 12 months. At this point in the process the calculations will be made on your consumption from the January, February, and March reading of your water meter. This is done by adding your units (one unit =748 gallons) billed and divide by 3 to get your monthly average used for calculations. Recall it was advised in earlier postings to keep those months as low as possible. You then take the average and multiply it times .80 to give you 80% of your water consumption. The City assumes that you discharge 80% in the sewer during your lowest consumption of the year. You then multiply that number times $2.3056 to get your new sewer charge, oh yes adding the $1.22 fixed charge and the taxes and fees. At that point it goes over my head........

IMPORTANT You can within 60 days of the rate adjustment file a "request for sewer fee adjustment" the form is located HERE. This must be based on 1) Total area of lawn. garden, or ground cover watered during the winter months in square feet;2) Leaks repaired during January, February, or March (receipts required); 3) Pool filled or repairs made during January, February, or March (specify gallons).

Other information can be found at the City of Phoenix Web site linked HERE

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Phoenix Water Rate Increase

Phoenix City Council votes to raise water rates
Water rates will increase by 9% and sewer rates by 4.5% effective in March.
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With the rains well under way now is the time to conserve water. Remember that your sewer rates are based on your winter water consumption, information HERE.