"Bookmarking Our Lives With A Photo Of Yours"

Jasen Arias is a fellow Coronado neighbor.  He has come up with an idea that he is putting together of a collection of photographs of residents of Coronado photographed in front of their homes. In Jasen’s words this “self portrait of our little family standing in front of our home. It’s one of our most cherished images that we own”. His idea in his words “I would like to do a photo walk through the area, snap a shot of you lovely people hanging in front of your homes, give you a fancy little "Cover Image" for your FB page, and then create a coffee-table book with those images along with a series of other images showing the character of our little area.”

I cherish the photos of the home and family that we lived in so many years ago.  Would not it be nice to also have the photos of the other homes and families from that period?

The last time I checked there were still 38 spots on the list.  Sign Up Sheet is located HERE you will then be placed on the Coronado Neighborhood Photo Tour Map HERE. Note the color of your location and the dates of photos.

I have uploaded this page with connecting links (the links were quite long to write and print) to my website E-Hood Coronado at This site is not face book related so is accessible to all.

All of this information is posted by Jasen on the Coronado Face book Page, search for Coronado Message Board on face book.

Jasen is a excellent photographer here is a link to his “Studio Moirae”

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