Oak Street-3rd Street to 16th Street
June 1, 2012

On the agenda of the June Encanto Village Planning Committee is a discussion regarding the classification of Oak Street between 3rd Street and 16th Street. Oak runs west and east though the Coronado Neighborhood. I is currently classified as a Minor Collector Street which collects the traffic from the local streets in Coronado to the Arterial Streets that are the boundaries of Coronado (with the exception of 16th Street which runs through the Greater Coronado Neighborhood). 12th Street is our other Collector Street in Coronado.

Oak has long been a unique street in Coronado, as it is wide through the Historic District (west of 14th) and in those locations lacks sidewalks and curb improvements. It all but vanishes as a "looks like a alley" east of 14th street, and is a location of graffiti and un contained trash accumulation. At 16th it is a location for drug dealing and prostitution, truly a sad corner in our neighborhood. On the other side of 16th is resumes its wide berth and is raceway for cut through and general traffic because it is unimpeded. While this discuss will stop at 16th what happens west of 16th may in fact influence east also.

classification of the street has a impact as to what can be done to mitigate traffic, as well as its eligibility for different types of funding. Come learn more at the meeting.

ENCANTO VILLAGE PLANNING COMMITTEE will hold a meeting open to the public on MONDAY, June 4, 2012 at 6:15 pm located in the Willo Conference Room, Phoenix College, 3310 N. 10th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona.  [The building is located at the northeast corner of Flower Street & 11th Avenue. Use entrance off Flower Street.]


HERE a summery by the Federal Highway Administration regarding classifications of streets.

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