Coronado Neighborhood
North High School
Environmental Mural Project
September 7, 2010

Let's help get the word out on this excellent project by the students at North High School. If you are a artist please consider working on this project, what a great way to build the community relationship with the our High School. They have reached out to us.....lets reach back.....Wayne

Students of North High School--- contact @
Dates to be announced

The Concept

•        A mural with an environmental theme painted by artists from the community.
•        Awareness is raised for both art in the community and environmental issues.
•        The mural will be varnished to reduce graffiti, thus beautifying the neighborhood.
•        May include local to global environmental issues.
•        Artists selected by a board containing our high school group, recognized artists/art critics, and neighborhood members.
•        Non-paid commission, resume-worthy volunteer work to give artists publicity within the community.

Artists who are interested:
•         Send resume and three pictures of work.
•         Send a developed idea to do with local or global environmental issues for your circular mural space with a diameter of three feet.
•         Will be given considerable artistic liberty, but remember, this is a community mural.

•         Artists paint their individual design concepts in 3 ft. diameter circles that will be spaced randomly all over the wall.
•         Outside of the series of circles will be painted a uniform color or pattern.
•         Ideas include but are not excluded to:
–        Urban sprawl, human impact on nature, conserving natural resources, city parks, wild life refuges
–        Conservation of resources (water, electricity, fuel, etc.)
–        Native plants and animals, wild life in the city, cities interact with nature, animals adapting to cities
–        Alternative fueled cars, wind power, mass transportation, solar power
–        Forests, hunting, how deforestation effects us
–        Air pollution, sound pollution, ozone layer, recycling, toxic waste
–        Organic farming, composting hydroponics, drought, global warming, pest control: natural vs. chemical,
–        Global climate change, arctic melt, natural disasters
–        Free expression of what nature means….

Supplies Necessary
•         Snacks and water may be provided for community volunteers and artists.
•         Paint, paint and water containers, brushes, and varnish are all materials that we need donated.

Thank you very much!

Jamie Pearson, Jake Cohen, Laurie Ellis, Carlos Martinez Acuna, and Steven Nelson.