Grand Opening of La Condesa Taco Shop

East side of 16th Street, just south of Palm. My friend Felipe opened that gourmet taco shop. Yes that is what my friends said "gourmet tacos"? Oaxaca Black Mole Chicken tacos.....yum, a salsa bar with a taste of everything. For you vegetarians they have grilled veggies that are out of this world. This is the kind of flavor of 16th and McDowell that I envisioned when, as a short term board member of the CNA in 2008, I made the proposals for the turning of this area into a destination place of Latin Flavor on a grand scale. The pieces are begriming to fall into place and so lets go and support this mom and pop. I promise you lines and a waiting list will be common at this location when it takes off. Not yet able to serve alcohol I recommend cocktailing with bartenders Lil and Samantha at the Royal Lounge on Oak and is our neighborhood "Cheers" with all the characters .......I can't do justice for La Condesa so here are a few photos and some sure to tell them that Wayne sent you in. We will be heading back......And being a fan of the Day of the Dead art I was in heaven........
Their Web site HERE
New Times review HERE
Chowhound Review HERE

National Breakin' League

As you know I am a big fan of Break Dancing. My good friend and b-boy "kunta" invited me to the Kingz of AZ Round 3 last week to watch his crew bout with other teams. Those who attended the "El Dia De Los Muertos" event this year saw Kunta perform after the ceremony .....I wish him luck in the AZ Championships this March 10. I took some of the kids from the east side of 16th who had attended the party to show them how you can embrace the hip hop culture in a positive and healthy way.......HERE is a video of some of the event we attended.......


Take a look at what it is all about at The face book page of the National Breakin League HERE poke around....

Good luck to Kunta and his Crew at the National Championships..........

Another Sink Idea

Many of you know that I am a property owner in the Coronado and am fortunate to experiment with many different ways of Historic Preservation and restoration. While bringing the best of what the modern ways can bring to a home.

Here is a situation were we had to rip out the old sink as the tiles were broken around the edges and the sink was rusted and chipped. This gave us a excellent opportunity to go into the wall with lots of room to work to replace the drain lines, and keep the old style wall faucet.

While we had the drain line out we placed a clean out on the other side of the wall so that drain cleaning is done outside without disturbing under the sink......

We always then completely tile under the sink. This is for easy cleanup for one of those spots in the home that gets the dirtiest the quickest......easy to wipe up the mess......


Note that we were able to use a farm sink that we cut the back off so that it would fit into the narrow old counters and stick out just the right amount in the front. Saved all the tile that was not damaged by just cutting into the old counter just a little large that the original sink.....sink from Ikea, faucet special order from the Home Depot.

Bulk Trash Placement this weekend more information HERE

The Brentwood Historic District Home Tour information HERE

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