Dog Park For Hance Park June 20, 2012

The following information on Dog Parks and Hance Park Master Plan was circulated to  residents of the Encanto Palmcroft Historic Preservation Association, an institutional member of the Hance Park Conservancy. Your neighbors may have an interest in attending the Thursday meeting, or communicating with Councilman Nowakowski about these developments.  Please feel free to circulate this to interested parties.
Martin Vogel

Neighbors:  here is an opportunity to support a Downtown Dog Park (recommended for Hance Park, between 3rd and 5th Avenues).  

WHAT:  Special meeting of a City Council Subcommittee on Parks, Arts and Families, and the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board.  Two topics only:

  • Dog Parks and Off Leash Facilities;
  • Hance Park Master Plan Recommendations (including the  inclusion of a Temporary Dog Park at Hance Park)    

WHEN:  Thursday, June 21, 2012, at 5:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Phoenix City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson Street, Phoenix.

Quick Summary:
In November of 2010, Mayor Gordon created a Downtown Dog Park Committee.  The large committee (I was one of 72 members) recommended 2 sites, one on 1st Avenue and McKinley, and the other in Hance Park.  Parks Department Staff recommended that the City Council concentrate only on the Hance Park location as the cheapest alternative.

The Hance Park Master Plan Steering Committee was subsequently formed in 2011, to create a comprehensive Master Plan for Hance Park.  Among its recommendations is a Temporary Dog Park at Hance Park.  Parks Department Staff have endorsed all  Steering Committee recommendations to the City Council, with the exception of the Temporary Dog Park.  The Thursday meeting is an opportunity for a City Council Subcommittee and the Parks Board to review the Overall Dog Park Plans for Phoenix, as well as the specific recommendations of the Hance Park Master Plan Steering Committee.

Many downtown residents are still hoping for Downtown Dog Park within walking distance of downtown, possibly on First Avenue and Roosevelt: (information and an on-line petition)
If you have dogs and enjoy dogparks, either location will make your dogs happy.  

This is an open meeting and a great way to show support for dogparks.  My sense is that the Hance Park location will be cheaper, and it has now been supported by two major citizen committees created by the City Council.  Now is the time to urge action by the City Council to act on these recommendation for a dog park at Hance Park, rather than continue with further discussions or new committees.  

If you have an opinion, and cannot attend the meeting, please email our Councilman Michael Nowakowski, who sits on the Council Subcommittee: Councilman Michael Nowakowski <>

Martin Vogel

Agenda details are attached in PDF format HERE 
If you want to preview the Executive Summary and the Hance Park Master Plan Steering Committee, please see
the following weblink. Be patient, as it my take a few minutes to download the report because it is such a large file.

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