July 20, 2010

Phoenix Launches Free iPhone App for Residents to Report Blight and Graffiti

For those of you who have mastered the newer cell phones, this is great news for helping keep the neighborhood clean.

The city of Phoenix has launched a pilot program for a free iPhone application that will allow residents with iPhones to point, click and send photos of graffiti, over-height weeds, abandoned shopping carts and other blight violations to the city's Neighborhood Services Department.

iPhone users may download the “myPhxAz” application for free from the iPhone App Store by searching for the keyword "myPhoenix" and selecting “myPhxAz.” Once installed, users will simply open the application and follow the prompts to take a picture of the violation and then tap “submit.” Using built-in global positioning system technology, the application will attach a location to the picture and send the complaint to the Neighborhood Services Department. Residents also can choose an option to receive updates on the status of their request. CLICK HERE for to go to the City of Phoenix web site for additional information.

I stopped in to Just Blazed to check up on some art projects that they were working on for me and yes it is true they are moving out of Coronado. I was informed that they will be painting over much of the "graf-art" in order to get their deposit back from the owners. It will be sad to see our Mural that they did for the "El Dia De Los Muertos 2009" disappear. But as Ernie has told me "graf-art" is only a temporary event in time. While I will have to drive farther to have my "commissions" illustrated and posters made, the very positive up side is that there should be a marked decrease in the juvenile tagging in the area (not art but vandalism). If you have not personally seen the Mural on the wall at 16th and McDowell be sure to stop by and check it out before it is gone. There is also a possibility that the alleys will be also painted, so take a last stroll down and see the art that is on the walls north of McDowell at 18th. Yep that is me and friends with one of the artists.

The pocket park will soon have the fence removed and be ready for community use. There are some really cool things at the park for the kids........unusual playground and nice sitting areas. The park was renovated with seed money provided by the Brentwood Home Tour this year.......just another successful neighborhood project reaching completion....


I recently was called out to replace a broken window at a home that had this display on the street during recycle day in Coronado. Lets use judgment when placing recycle items in the bins.......






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