Coronado Park Renovation Update
October 30, 2011

Proposed changes to the Coronado Park with the 2006 City Bond funds.
What now appears to be on the table is a propose was an offer from the Arizona Diamondbacks and APS to build a full sized baseball field in the park. This would entail a new master plan and giving up open/green space. Donna Reiner and Andrea Delgaldo will give a brief rundown at next week’s GCNA general meeting on November 3rd, 2011 7PM Emerson School. They say "on the “pro” side, we could use this opportunity to get some extras for Coronado park and maybe even a definitive start date. With APS involved, they may even be willing to pony up some solar lights for Virginia  and Coronado Park."

This is the original proposed renovation to Coronado Park:
larger view HERE

This is the proposed changes with the inclusion of the Baseball diamond:
Larger view HERE

Your Input:

Can be registered with Andrea Degaldo a Coronado resident.

And Tom Byrne and Louie Spadafore - both with the Parks Department of the City of Phoenix.