Crime-Protect and Prepare
September 3, 2012

Bike theft in Coronado and Garfield

Looks like there was another theft at 10th and Palm Lane yesterday Sunday 9/2/2012. Two bike taken and a shed broken into with some items taken also. Victim called 911 and police arrived but to late.

Two whit, possible hispanic, males on foot. This could mean they live or are disposing of property in the neighborhood. wearing wife beater shirts (undershirts), 5' 11' with "tweeker" builds (read thin, very thin). one had tattoos on arms. If you see these guys call the police as the victim will be able to identify.

If you see folks with more that one bike call 911, you can only ride one at a time and the second could belong to someone else. If it is legitimate folks will not mind being questioned cause that means the police are looking out for us and our property.


Keep your bike secured, any delay is helpful. Take a photo of your bike so that if it is taken you will be able to give the police a accurate description, noting and photographing any identifying feature on the bike. It also helps because if it is recovered this provides for a positive identification. I photograph anything that can be lost or stolen anyway where I may need to provide identification to authority. Travel luggage, passports, large tools, vehicles, household items of value (TV/Laptops, etc), and pets.

If anyone would like Century Plant Agaves I have plenty here in the area you can dig the pups and plant in locations around fences (keeps taggers and fence hoppers away) and windows (they look better than bars from interior and exterior). They require little or no water and the only care is you need to place chemical to keep the dreaded agaves beetle a bay twice a year.