September 10, 2010

This afternoon over 3,000 souls joined myself and Heidi Baldwin at the traffic circle located at 12ths Street and Oak, 9/10/2010, to honor and respect those who lost their lives on that tragic day in 2001.

It is difficult to select photos or links to express emotions surrounding this day. I have chosen to "honor the victims" and to provide links for a deeper perspective from my personal feelings.



On the light poles we placed the image of the “THE FALLING ANGEL ON 9/11” and a listing all of the names of the individuals who lost their lives that day. The list was 10pt print and 37 feet long, requiring two columns 5 feet long on each side of 4 light poles.

The American flag because it was the United States that was the target of this attack. With a black ribbon attached to represent the loss of life.


It is important to place the image on the left in it's proper context HERE. Our respect is about the innocent lives cut short.



For those wondering what is transpiring at the World Trade Center Site in New York here is a link that is inspiring as to the progress that is being made to rebuild that site and to memorialize that happened in the past. Titled "The Rise of Freedom" be sure to check out all the available videos on this site so that you can walk away from this page and day in a renewed spirit, a American spirit.

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Click on the plane in the window in the picture below for a exerpt from:
Never Forget:An oral History of September 11, 2001