Shade, Streetscapes
and preserving Historic Character

July 20, 2011

On July 6, 2011 I received a call from Solid Waste regarding the Mulberry tree planted in the median at 1069 Monte Vista Road. Difficulty in collection of the roll outs. Problem easily solved it thought, just place the roll outs in a location that would not be affected by the tree. A follow up courtesy call reminding me that the tree still needed to be trimmed back to the curb, which would actually kill the tree by removing half of it's branches. Objecting to this because I believed I had solved the problem solid waste informed me that the truck could no go under the tree so it still had to be cut back. Yet the same truck had to go around the vehicles that were parked under the tree for shade anyway and not be able to go under the tree. At this point the conversation digressed to "it is about the tree, not the vehicles or the solid waste collection ability" at this point a had to agree it was about the tree and me saving it. I requested the notice be given in writing to me HERE.

Here are my concerns:
1) the problem seems to have logically been solved, truck goes around the vehicles/tree, and roll-outs are easily accessible.

2) to be fair and consistant you would have to cut back and down half the street trees we have planted in the neighborhood through city programs to plant trees. (I think it fair to say that the city required us to plant them in the median strip to be eligible, and we had to plant trees that developed canopies that would obviously be wider than 2 feet, palm trees that made sense were not recommended nor available as a choice).

3) there is talk of moving solid waste collections from the alley to the streets, which would only compound the problem. Lets think this through.

4) the city removed 80yo trees along Coronado Road this year that provided Historic character and traffic calming. Because of a one time bee problem that was solved before the removal. This was a make work project.

5) the city and school removed 200' 60yo palms from 12th street at North High School two years ago, rather than work around them. 60 years of history in a Historic District gone.

6) there are certainly other concerns in the area like graffiti removal and criminal activity that would use additional resources. Curb and sidewalk repair are sorely needed on many of our streets.

7) as noted in the last photos, solid waste could better spend it's time replacing the containers that do not have lids so the trash is not picked over by cats and spilled when being collected.

I completely understand trees in power lines, or trees that black a intersection or alley, but to be cutting down our shade and streetscape when solutions are available just does not make sense.

I am hoping that solid waste will reconsider its effort to have this 40yo shade providing resident of Coronado join the mulch pile at the dump with the others that have been removed.

1069 East Monte Vista Road clearly accessible container and easy to avoid the vehicles and tree:

From the other direction .......enough room to pass....

Other streetscapes in Coronado .....should they all be cut back?


perhaps some covers for these barrels would be a better use of resources ....I believe we need to think about the larger picture and not focus on problems that have been solved...four barrels within walking distance of the tree on Monte Vista.