January 30, 2008

Coronado Park has been a central feature of the Coronado Neighborhood for years, since the beginning. It is due to have a major renovation in the upcoming year or more, yes it is our turn. More information about that and how you can participate are linked above. Along with the recently installed Traffic Circle, and it's historic pedestrain look, and the Coronado Park renovation these are exciting times in the Coronado neighborrhood

What I would like to present here is a few points regarding preserving the Historic Nature of the Park and how best we may be able to preserve this during renovation and perhaps even enhance/improve it. This gem, our common shared green space is unique in many ways, it is irrigated so it can now and in the future retain its lush green cool appeal even in the hot summer months.


Coronado Park
lies along 12th Street which is a major collector street, and it also has a boarder with Palm lane while not a collector it still retains the position of being a major "cut through" along with 12th Street for those who have discovered that it is a great way to avoid traffic on the arterials of McDowell and 7th Streets which are filled to over capacity and limited in space for imporvement......this will only grow.




Look at these photos and see how while this is unavoidable it can be a way of showing the city residents who use these streets that Coronado is here and it a beautiful. The maturity of the landscaping speaks and announces that this is a historic part of the City, the new renovations will demonstrate that we, and the City care.......what a great impression to leave with people who we may run into in the future. During renovation lets be sensitive to the visual impact of the mature landscaping and the tall palms that can be seen from a distance, and mark the age of the area we live is the patina of the hood, look to them as measuring sticks of time.........


Look at this second set of photos, and see how the architectural features of the Pool House, and the old pump Station can be easily retained in the renovation of the restrooms......the lines in the brick and the Mission style roofing are easy to implement and out of reach of vandalism.

Yet these two features alone can bring a cohesiveness to the overall "look" from a distance as your eye catches both the pool house and the restrooms and the pump house......

.......notice how the new addition does not do that in the photo.......lets try to retain that overall image and consistency than having a non-connected look.....the restrooms need a roof and walls anyway don't they?

Lastly lets look at the lighting, in these photos you can see that as you look to the distance you see many, not just several styles and types of lighting. Now to be realistic, different styles need to be at different locations, parking pool, basketball etc.......

but the can they be the same color? Perhaps the taller lights be painted a dark (see photo on the left) color so that they disappear into the tall trees when looking through the park? A dark color would maybe be a step in preventing graffiti on the poles, most graffiti is a dark color and would not be effective on a dark pole, (chances are they don't carry a selection), A historic enhancement might be we have installed around the base the clamp on base patterns that at least at the pedestrian level everything may look like it was planned and a theme developed........


















The improvements to the Coronado Park will enhance the whole neighborhood for years to come in the future.......and this central green emerald will bring the shine to the community to the rest of use who own or rent and call the Coronado our home......

by ratero reporter