Jim and Jenny

Love...Business....and Family, all come together to create this menagerie of beauty on Coronado Road. All hours of the day you can see Jenny tending to the flowers and vegetables, Jim building on the hardscapes, and mom sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee taking her family creation all in. Weekends brings in the daughters, children, grandchildren and their friends to all enjoy this lovely restoration of a classic bungalow.

In there own words this is how the story goes....

"I will begin by saying, that I believe that if you set your mind to something, the possibilities are unlimited.  Where to start....Jim and I are natives of Arizona, we were both born and raised in Phoenix, and all our three children were born right in the neighborhood at Good Sam.   We moved to Dallas, Tx. in 2003 to help our daughter with her children.  We lived there for 5 years, but due to some unpredictable circumstances, we moved back to Phoenix.  When we returned Jim was unemployed, and we did not have a home at the time.  We actually moved three times within one year and that in itself was not a good experience.  It got to the point and I mentioned to Jim, the next time we move it will have to be permanent and into our own home.  That was our goal,  and we both knew we wanted to live in central Phoenix, and it did not have to be a new home.  Jim left it up to me and I always had this desire to buy an older home and restore it.  One day I saw an ad in the paper for a fixer upper, handyman special under Historic District.  We drove by the home, it looked real sad, no one lived in the home for several years and had been abandoned.  We both looked at each other, and I guess we saw the potential and purchased the home January 2009.  The inside of the home was actually all gutted out, walls were removed, wood floors were restored.  There was no landscaping whatsoever, and all I could see was open land and I was ready to dig in and plant. As you can see from the slide show, I have covered almost every square inch of our front and back yard with flower/vegetable garden, several trees, shrubs, etc.  Our backyard in still a work in progress.   Most of the plants in our yard all have sentimental meaning behind them.   My cannas, are from my  late Dad, and purple iris were given to me by my late mother in law.  Some plants were transported from Dallas and also Friends have given me seeds from their garden which I have planted (hollyhocks, morning glory, sweet peas, 4 o'clocks)  I love the old fashioned flowers.   I also created a rose garden for my mother, who is 89 and lives with me.  She loves to sit on the front porch sipping her cup of coffee in the morning  and enjoys the sound of the birds, wind chimes and the running water from the fountain.
Jim and I have definitely found our home, we have been blessed and like my brother told me when I asked for his advise about purchasing the home, he said "Sis this is a gift from God, take it".  I truly believe that all things work out, as long as you keep the faith and never give up.  We feel a peace here and truly feel grounded.  We both feel like we have come home.  As a child, Jim lived on Washington St around 13th street, and attended St. Mary's Catholic school and we both attended high school at Phoenix Union High on Van Buren and 7th St., one of my first jobs was with Mountain Bell, on Central and McDowell and then again at 3rd Street and Earl.  We were married at St Mary's church in 1969 and continue to attend mass there.

At this time we would both like to thank our great neighbors and our friend Wayne for welcoming us to neighborhood a year ago and for his continued support in keeping our neighborhood one that we can all be proud of.   Wayne, you did an awesome job on the slide show and are proud to have been nominated for the Coronado Visual Award for April 2010."


Jim and Jenny have a family business of Hardscaping and Gardening design here in the Coronado Neighborhood. They are currently working on a project for a fellow neighbor on Coronado Road. If you are interested in a real hands on coordinated effort to transform your home into a garden paradise or just a easy to maintain space they can do it all.

It is the personal touches and the working closely with the owners that make each project one that you can enjoy with ease, that results in a reflection to your space that their loving relationship has brought to each other and those in their lives. We are fortunate they have chosen Coronado as home. Enjoy the photos in the slide show which includes before pictures to comprehend the transformational ability this family has. Note the individual personal touches that they can bring out in a space.

Jim and Jenny Hernandez
934 East Coronado Road

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